Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still I Cry

My life is perfect, but still I cry.
I mean I have it all: A house, a ride, a job, a business, and looks that kill, but still I cry.
I'm blessed, everyone can see it. God is truly working with me and through me, but still I cry.
I have friends that stretch from coast to coast and even overseas, but still I cry.

I sit in my home. my bed. alone.
I cry.

No one holds me.
No one comforts me.
No one soothes me.
So I cry.


Don said...

lyfe jennings said there's nothing wrong with a man crying ... so i know there can't be anything wrong with a woman crying either.

have u targeted what makes u cry?

Jaz said...

Firomyalgia is what does it. I talk about it more in my new blog