Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snip - Mothafuckin' - Snip

Man o man, this new year has been nuts! Usually the new years doesn't mean much to me because I've been a student for so many years. My years begin in September and end in May. This year is so different. I can tell 2009 is gonna be nuts!

I've just learned so much about myself, and have really began to apply what I've learned about life to the way I live life. My sex detox taught me all about choices. I learned that not all men are low down dirty scoundrels....the ones I happened to CHOOSE to have in my life were. I have CHOSEN to snip them out, and I'm happier because of it.

Call me a lazy bitch, but I'm not much of a cleaner. My idea of cleaning is throwing/giving away everything I can before even picking up an actual cleaning supply. I have so much crap, it will be replaced by some new crap, and when it comes time to all suddenly becomes crap!

Put a pair of life sized scissors in my hands and it's SNIP MOTHAFUCKIN' SNIP!!!

Just as the sex detox made the concept of CHOICE crystal clear, I thought hey...."What other areas of my life do I have a say-so in?" Usually I pray that God closes doors and removes people from my life that have no business being there, and within a few days drastic stuff happens. This is the first time I didn't pray that prayer. Amazingly, the most crazy things occurred.

I don't know if God opened my eyes and allowed me to have several epiphanies, but I finally saw the light. I realized that there are two types of dramatic events that happen in your life.
  1. Things you can control.
  2. Things you can't control.
It's just that simple.

Most people throw everything into the CAN'T control category, when the opposite is really true. Some decisions may by hard, but you can actually control 98% of what happens in your life. In two specific situations/relationships I had to take a step back. I realized that I do not have to deal with the bullshit or the drama. I am CHOOSING to deal with it. In 2009 I CHOOSE not to entertain it. SNIP MOTHAFUCKIN' SNIP!!!

I'm throwing caution to the wind and running with scissors. Life is to short to waste dealing with drama. I'm not an IT department and I don't enjoy troubleshooting things. I will not troubleshoot a troubled relationship I had no business continuing anyway. SNIP MOTHAFUCKIN' SNIP!!!

Note: Relationships do not necessarily have to be romantic. Relationships can also mean friendships or even associations.

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