Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flyyness Has No Occasion

Flyyness is as simple as black & white
Either you're flyy or you aren't
-Her Royal Flyyness

I finally have rock solid proof that I simply don't fit in up here. People think I want to fit in, but they are dead wrong. I grabbed this picture off of a facebook album from UMKC's Sigma Week. It was taken on Tuesday, October 25, 2008. As you can see, I was totally unaware the picture was being taken. In case you are blind, I'm the one in the front row in black & white. Even a kindergardner would be able to pick out the person that doesn't belong.

It's not about being the most colorful or having the most accessories. I have on a simple black and white outfit with a red belt. You can't get more simple than that. I was actually playing homage to the old school newspaper that day. My legs are crossed at the ankle (right over left) and not at the knee.

I'm not posting this picture to brag or to talk bad about these other young adults. I simply want to make a point. Flyyness truly has no occasion. If you only get flyy when you are going out to the club, you aren't really flyy at all. They call me Her Royal Flyyness because I stay dipped everyday (even on weeknights) no matter the occasion. Maybe that's the Atlanta coming out in me....

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SkyyLyfe said...

YOUR ROYAL FLYYNESS!!! I couldnt have giving you a better nick name!