Friday, December 19, 2008

Disappearing Act

Call me Carmen Sandiego, cuz unless you are a super sleuth, you won't find me! I'm somewhere between Kansas or Missouri taking care of business. Don't bother sending me Facebook event invites. Don't ask me to come visit. Don't expect me to sit on the phone with you. I have shit to do! My book, "The Miseducation of an Urban Nerd" is almost complete. Everything is coming down to the wire, and I'm FOCUSED MAN!! I'm making the announcements in this blog before I pass them on to the rest of the world.

December 23rd & 27th - Photoshoot for the book
January 31st - Book will be available for sale on in both Paperback & Ebook
March 15th - will be live!
March 31st - Book will be availbe for sale on:
  • Bookstores can purchase from Ingram
  • Listed in Bawkers Books in Print
I will also be starting an additional blog! I will be attempting to keep this wonderfly juicy, opinionated, and sexily writen piece of art under wraps for a while. I'm not ashamed of it by any means. Hell, it wouldn't be on the Internet if I was. It's just that the website will be extremely business oriented, and this blog isn't. The second blog will be hosted on WordPress and will be accessable from my website. It will be more motivationally oriented, PG, and will mostly give updates on what's going on with the business and the book.

Make sure and follow that one too, but keep it locked here for all the good stuff! We'll see how long this lasts. Sooner or later, the two blogs will be linked, but I'm not ready for all of that. That blog is work, this blog is play.

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