Saturday, February 28, 2009


The subject of accountability is so simple, but causes so much drama. I don't understand why the concept is so hard to grasp and why so many people struggle with it.

Accountability is being held to a standard you agreed to.

I only hold people accountable for standards they set for themselves. For instance, if a man tells me he wants to wife me up....I hold him accountable for showing me he wants me to be wifey. If a person calls me their best friend....I expect them to treat me like a best friend.

I don't hold people accountable for a job they didn't sign up for. I don't even offer or force jobs on anyone. I let people decide the role they will play in my life then hold them to that standard.

This whole subject both baffles and perplexes me.

People decide their role so I expect them to play that role. When they don't, I bitch or remove them from that role. They act as if I'm some raving lunatic that has no basis for my actions.

Point blank....they write checks their asses can't cash.

In 2009, I'm done honoring people's bounced checks or asking for another form of payment (I.e. giving people chances to just keep fucking up). I simply don't have time to deal with it.

My time is worth at least $25.00/hr

Add time spent undoing damages from fuck ups
Add time spent refinding my inner chi
Add time spent disconnecting from you
Add time spent upgrading my flyyness

Equals one fat ass bill addressed to you....

Since I ain't in the business of bill collecting, I figure I'll just cut the bullshit and not even open the account.

I'll holla!

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