Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Jazi Taye: The Writer

Hello World! This is me. I am Jazi Taye.

I've finally come to grips that I'm not the average writer. Hell, I knew I wasn't average...I think I'm fuckin spectacular if u ask me. I'm juss sayin, I finally got over "Blog Envy"

For those non bloggers, that's when we writers read somebody else's blog and get envious cuz our writing just isn't as poiniant or deep. That's where Katt Williams comes in: "You gotta be in tune with your star player!"

[Enter stage left: Jazi Taye]

She's this weirdly random juxtaposation (is that even a word?) of blunt deepness. Her vagina, symbolic for the source of creativity, is haunted by an old woman who doesn't give a hot damn about what u think cuz....well....she's old.

She don't make apologies for what she's thinking...
....why she's thinking it
....telling u exactly what she think

People read some of her poetry & call her a lil Maya Angelou. I read her poetry and say she's more in tune with Zora Neale Hurston & Ntozake Shange. I think she's channeling their raw energies or something...

(I think maybe her old lady ghost once haunted their vagina's too)

[-Jazi Taye is My Star Player-]

Currently we are outa sync, but I'm working on that right now. I think I'm gonna put myself in the shop for a week or two and get a tune up. By mid-March, I'll be up n running again. While u are my starting five:

#1- Jasmine D. Taylor: The formal me. Pointy toed shoes dressed in business casual. Doin the business thang!

#2- Jaz: Regular me. It's not a nickname. This is my name. Everything else is a damn alias. Jaz is who I am.

#3- Jazzy: The family/long term friend me. Scared to let those who know Jazzy meet Jaz...o hell nah they ain't meeting Jazi Taye!

#4- Jigga: The oversized clothes & Chuck Taylor's me. Hangin with the fellas.

#5- Jazi Taye: The fiesty me. When she's present you may hear, "Did She Just Say That?!" I love her. She is me....uncencored.

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