Saturday, February 28, 2009


Men are like the bubble gum wads you find under stadium seats.

Some last a short time...others last all day. Either way, the end is the same. They end up hard, tasteless, and plain ol annoying. U don't wanna juss throw the gum in the isle for people to step on so u put it under the seat, forget about it, and reach for another piece.

Men chase after the chickenheads

Fuck the hoes.

Wife the golddiggers.

Ignore the women.

Then when all goes sour with the bitch they picked, they claim all the good women are hard to find or are too stuck up to fuck wit em.

In reality the women are the ones the men played. The ones the men talked about to their boys about easily being able to get shit from or always being a fallback plan. These were the women the men used up like old condoms and tossed aside after there was nothing left.

[We were UnderValued]

The women were the ones that men just knew could provide them with the most pleasure in bed, but held out. They required more than a $1 menu buffet or being called mami. The men moved on to the women who were easy.

It's not that women don't love a good dang-a-lang, it's just they aren't going to let just anybody poke them. It's called being selective. Women are willing to go without. They are at home sticking themselves with dingli-ma-jigs that can make them climax 10x quicker than a man without all the drama.

[We became UnderF*cked]

The women were the ones who spent all their time at work and handeling their business. They chose to spend quiet nights at home cooking or cleaning so men thought that's all they were good for. Some money, a meal, and a clean place to crash.

Women keep their mouths shut about how messed up in the head we really think men are. They hold out hope that the brotha will finally get his act together and keep giving him chance after chance to make things right. When they can't take anymore and speak their minds on how they wanted to be treated, Men called them overly emotional and move onto the docile chick who will put up with it and keep their mouths shut.

Women get hurt then regroup and rise to sucess.

Next time the man sees them, they are lookin flyy and have it all together. They are eaither single or have a man on their arm who truly values and appreciates them.

[We are UnderEstimated]

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