Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get Ya Mind Right!

When I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad it became very apparant that your method to approaching life and enacting change is 100% mental. It has to do how your process your thoughts. I dug up this poem I randomly wrote in The Dark Ages and my o my was it soul stirring. I was in such a dark place (I'll post it up later).

For some odd reason I'm at 5am reflecting on statements I've said that have new meanings now.

#1- "I haven't smoked today."
Back then I saw not having a blunt as a bad thing, now I'm proud and don't want it in my system.

#2- "I'm good at living paycheck to paycheck."
I used to see being able to get by til the next check as sum hood superhero type shit. Now I think it's pitiful. I want to learn to live off of savings not paychecks.

When you get your mind right and focus it on what's important your thought patterns begin to change.

You've got to change your actions before you can change your thoughts. You have to rewrite your internal script or you will keep telling you the same ol nonesense. You have to allow yourself to continue to grow & look back to recognize that growth so you can take ownership of your progress.

Self Cleansing & Self Healing are a true process.

You have to be the one to give yourself a firm kick in the ass and wake up to reality. No one can care more about your life than you do

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I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...


That makes me think back to an old Chris Rock stand-up I heard...

"Man, I take care of my kids..."

Man, its time to do better because we definitely know better.