Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cliche' Knowing is Beautiful

Just got my blood work back from the doctor. Everything looks good! Since my freshman year of college I've made it my mission to get tested and spread the word. I used to go as far as to take pictures of the experience to show that it's not scary. When I told the women taking my blood that I get tested every year they looked at me crazy. By the time I got done talking to them, they had gained a great respect for me. Get tested even if you feel you have not put yourself in danger. Just go get tested!

The term "Knowing is Beautiful" is very cliche', but who cares. Knowing actually is beautiful. Now when I watch good movies like COVER (ya'll gotta see, it's the bomb!), I can really get into the movie instead of wondering if I belong in it. Get the 20min oral swab or wait a few days for the blood test. Whatever amount of time you spend waiting for the results is not nearly as nerve racking as if everyday you are wondering your status.

Stop reading my blog.
Call your doctor/clinic.
Get tested!

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Don said...

LOL @ stop reading my blog and get tested. The last time I was tested was Oct, '05 and I was too nervous. From that day I made my mind up that if I didn't have it then, I'd never have it.

Safe sex from that day on out, and no more kids.