Monday, September 1, 2008

Janelle Monae

This girl is hot stuff. I don't like posting back to back videos, but what the hey! She hails from Kansas City, KS (rep for the town girl!!), and is truly doin her thang down in ATL. Diddy recently signed her to Bad Boy. Hopefully he won't sit on her like he does all his other artists. This is a clip of her listening party at my favorite Sunday night chill spot, Apache Cafe down in Atlanta, GA. Plug plug plug, check that out too!

Take notice of her amazingly timeless and soulful voice. Ladies take note that she is FULLY covered when she performs, this girl is selling her talent not sex (ahhh so refreshing).

One last thing: If you are interested in hearing a full song from her just scroll down to the bottom of the screen to my playlist. Violet Stars Happy Hunting is one of my favorites. Happy listening!


Don said...

I hear she's doing BIG thangs.

Anonymous said...

she sounds like she is talented but I couldn't really hear the video too well.