Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Miseducation of an Urban Nerd

Those "Nerd Nightmares" really inspired me to get my unemployed ass up and be productive. I'm currently writing a book. I plan to drop it by the end of September. It's called:

The Miseducation of an Urban Nerd:
Every Student's Guide to College
I figure, I'm an expert on this whole college thing so why not write a guide? I've been to 4 different schools in 4yrs, gotten tons of scholarship money, and am still pushing for a degree. Who better than me! Plus I want to become a motivational speaker at some point in my life. This is about the only thing I'm an expert in, so why not now? Every good motivational speaker sells a book. I'm trying to give back to the community, but no use in not using this as an opportunity to make a small profit while I'm at it. I'm about half done writing it and the cover is being designed as we speak. The above image can be found on the inside cover. I'm self-publishing...the internet, what a beautiful resource! The book will also be available for purchase both online and out of my trunk. Cop that, Cop that! I'll keep you updated with the progress. Right now, I'm about to lay it down so I can start fresh in the morn'n. Much Love!

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