Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Me, Racist?..Not Interested!

I'm about as Colored as it gets...yes dammit, I said Colored. I grew up in an urban environment, attended public school, moved to the Black Mecca and attended one of the most illustrious HBCU's in the nation. I've never dated outside my race, nor have I wanted to. Truth is, I am in love with Black Men. I love everything about em. Other Black women bitch, gripe and moan about how low down they can be but they fail to realize that dogs are not race exclusive. I pose the "Racist" question, because that's what I was called countless times last night.

Here's the story:
Last night I got bored so I perused some Yahoo chat rooms only to be bombarded with IMz. Some of them were from lil yuggins, a few were of age men, but the majority were Caucasion or from India. I couldn't help but get annoyed. I'm curteous and actually a sweetheart if you sit and talk to me, but sometimes I just don't feel like being bothered.

  • I was called racist for not wanting to turn my webcam on.
  • I was called racist for not wanting to view their webcam (why the hell would I want to see a man playing with his tiny pink ding-dong? Let me see your face!)
  • I was called racist for replying that I had never dated outside of my race.
  • I was called racist for not wanting to add these random guys to my friends list.
Give me a brown skinned, well hung, go getter! Tan White men need not apply. So let me pose the question again: Am I Racist? Hell No! I just know what I want, what I love & who I stand behind no matter what. I'm that ryde-or-die chick any man is blesed to have. It just so happens that I choose to roll with my African American brothaz.

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Don said...

You have to always consider the source. Horny white men will pretty much say anything to a beautiful sista who doesn't desire to give them any play.