Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MTV: Dr. Drew's Teen Sex Show

Oh how I envy the teens on this show. I wish I would have been afforded this opportunity when I became sexually active. I wish Sister Paterson would have taught me about protection and STDs. She just preached no sex before marriage, which I think is a dumb way to go about it in this day n age. Our only talk consisted of her waving a hot dog in the air, and waving a banana in my face to demonstrate the difference between a hard/soft penis. I could have figured that much out myself!

I wish I knew about her sexual history. All I know was she says she was promiscuous and more experienced than my pops. Pops is way different! Our sex talk was him telling me, "If you ever get that OOOOOOhhhh feeling, then use a condom." I remember when I was in my wheelchair back in 2006, he said nothing was wrong with me...I just needed some sex. He said I wouldn't be depressed anymore and I'd be floating like a butterfly. He actually clicked his heels and said "Yit-Ta-Dee!" Rumaging through Pops' drawers looking for spare change taught me about condoms, the various types & dental dams.

On my child's 13th birthday, we are having "the talk." I want my kids to be able to come to me and talk openly and honestly. I don't want to encourage sex, but I want them to be smart about it. I'd rather them learn about it from their parents then go pick up stuff off the streets like I did.

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Don said...

I feel you, I too look forward to having that talk with my two daughters, one day. I want them to be wise and smart when it comes to things which I'd hate to see them end up going thru.