Monday, October 6, 2008

Shady Business Practices

It amazes me how people swear they are doing big things in business, but simply aren't. I've always been about my business. Noteworthy by Jaz is my brand. If my business practices aint quite right, then that reflects directly on me. Do people not value their brands? Let me explain. I've done work for three people. I haven't been compensated one cent.
  • One has assured me that he is a business man and takes care of his people. He has placed me on a payment timeline that is convenient for him. I wish I had the luxury of paying my bills when it was convenient for me.
  • The second swore he didn't have a ride to send me payment. Funny how people seem to disappear off the face of the Earth when they owe you. If you ever want to get a person out of your face, loan them $20.
  • The third tried to back out of the deal. I compromised with him. He has also fallen off a cliff.
When I provide services for a person I have a fast turn around time. You send me something to be written/edited or you put in an order for jewelry and you'll have it within 12 hours. No exceptions. That's how I work. I wish you could check people's history of keeping their word in the same manner businesses check your credit.

What amazes me most is, 2/3 people I've done work for have known me for years. Not only am I not fuckin' with their business, I'm no longer fuckin' with them. It's amusing how compensation makes people show their asses. That's not a good look.


Don said...

Knowing is half the battle. I think people take kindness for weakness, and that's a serious character flaw of most humans.

Jaz said...

Ain't that the truth. Thankfully I've gotten a bit more rational over the years and I can keep my temper/hoodness in check. A part of me does want to act a damn fool tho. I need my hair done!