Friday, October 3, 2008

Super Ugly

Even the most confident among us have bad days. Today is mine. I feel fat and ugly. I'm bloated, my eyebrows are bushy and my locs need to be tightened. On top of that, my job called and said training will be pushed back from Monday to October 17th. Lastly, I feel cluttered. At my house I had three closets & a bedroom devoted to my clothing. Now that I'm living with Sister Paterson, I have a tiny closet. I'm overwhelmed. What is Her Royal Flyness supposed to do?

10% of flyness is Style, the other 90% is Confidence. I'm going to get dressed for this reggae party tonight and loose myself in the music. Whatever is lacking in your life, sow seeds in that area to get it. I need a confidence boost so tonight I am giving out compliments. Tonight I'll enjoy my alcohol & stuff my face with delicious West Indian food. Tomorrow I'll stop cheating on my lifestyle change and say good bye to fast food. I'll use those extra two weeks I have off to try and make sense of my clothing. Right now I'm just praying that the host of this party got the two hotel rooms cuz I'm seriously not trying to come back into Sister Paterson's evil domain after a night of merryment.

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Tia's Real Talk said...

That was cute. LOL @ bushy

but one thing is you are still confident regardless of what you look like. Along with sexiness, it's an inner thing. For whatever crazy reason that's when guys jock the hardest. They see your potential outside of your bad hair/grooming/waredrobe day. So strut your stuff, remind yourself that you are flyyy regardless of the lack of eyebrow waxing at keep it moving!!! Good one girl!