Saturday, October 4, 2008

Infectious Riddims

As my head pounds for several cups of Jamaican Rum n Coke, I can't help but feel that I had a good time last night. Reggae music just does something to me. Half the time I can't understand the words unless I'm really paying attention, but the riddims speak to my soul in a way that no other form of music can. I remember getting to the Royal Peacock in ATL early so me n my girls could get in free. We didn't give a damn if the floor was empty, the music beckoned us to dance. Same for the Bashment last night. With reggae you can damn near do whatever. I have an old soul so I choose to slow wine or other low impact moves.

I ran into a young lady who was a freshman in high school when I was a senior. She reminded me of myself at that age. Real energetic twerker. When I was her age, my competitive dance spirit would have tried to challenge her just so everyone knew I was the best. Not anymore. I let her have her shine. I shine in a more mature way.

When it comes to reggae, you don't have to try hard to be sexy. The majority of women wore locks in their head, with jeans, sporty shoes, and a shirt expressing their individual style. We laughed at the women who had us wondering if they were the strippers. One girl wore a 4-inch black skirt that was clearly wider than it was long. Her size 12 butt cheeks hung out, while her un toned belly hung over. The top didn't have much more fabric either. It displayed her A cup boobies in all their horendous glory. In the light you could see that her legs were untoned and contained various dimples and rolls. I comend her for having the self confidence to walk out the house naked, but it was clear that she tried to hard. Her and her friend got the male attention at first, but not for the right reasons. They soon lost interest after they felt her up.

I sported a pair of destroyed jeans (all important hole in the knee), with a silver halter top & rhinestone business tie. Funny how I seemed to get most of the compliments. Men were captivated as me and the girl from my high school danced. One guy was excellent and took turns rockin his hips against both of us. Energetic with her, Slow and sensual with me. You could tell the true reggae heads. We are more laid back.

Reggae has a funny thing of making my problems from the previous day feel less important. Reggae is my medicine. No matter what mood I'm in, the music still touches me. It's a weird feeling...almost primal. My body recognizes the sound and just reacts. The feeling is very similar to whatever tells the birds to fly South for the winter. I was born with it.

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